Planters Sm-Lg

  • $28.00

Our plants bring us clean air, color, and happiness - why not give them a home they will love to grow in? Great for indoor or outdoor use. Just choose a size and glaze color that suits your tastes. All planters come with drainage holes and a water tray.

 The medium and large planters have a domed bottom to force the water towards the drainage holes. The bottom side has carved channels to force the water out of the holes into the water tray. The tray is detached from the planter.

 The small planter is perfect for starter plants and succulents. The water tray is attached to the planter with 3 holes for drainage. The holes on the inside have a carved channel to force the water out.


Small 3.25 x 3.25

 Medium 4.75 x 5

 Large 7.5 x 7.5