Decorate your home for the season. These collections of handmade items will add a fun and tasteful design for all your seasonal needs! 

Winter - Snowflake Collection

Add a hand made flair to you holiday decor with my winter wonderland pieces. all my snowflakes are hand pipped and carved with clay to give that one of a kind feel. A collection that's so dreaming it will last you all winter long!

Spring/ Summer - Flower Planters

These hand painted planters are the perfect home for your flowers and plants. The carved styles of a tulip or daisy are sure to bring joy to any patio area. A separate water tray in the shape of a leaf brings wonderful balance and liveliness to the whole planter. Just select your flower and size. 

Fall- Pumpkins, and Gourds

This collection of pumpkins and gourds will make you "fall" in love with the season. The realistic appearance will blend in seamlessly with all your other decor. Pick out your favorite as a stand alone, or collect the whole set.